Sleep remedies edit


Trouble sleeping? Me too. I’ve always found it so hard to switch off the whirring mind and either find that I can’t get to sleep or I wake up a few hours in and am unable to return to the world of nod.

I’ve tried so many products and spoken to lots of friends with similar issues so below is an edit of what I feel works best for a good nights kip.

Lush Sleepy body lotion £15.95 available here

Made up of natural ingredients, this calming lavender-scented lotion is formulated with a gentle oatmeal infusion that glides richly in to skin to soothe the mind. I apply it to the soles of my feet, my temples and wrists.

Mauli Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist £22 available here

Spray this pleasingly harmonious blend of soothing botanicals on your pillow to melt away stress and tension to encourage a peaceful and calm sleep.


NEOM Perfect Nights Sleep Cleansing Balm £32 available here

A cleanser that not only removes make-up and impurities, but is infused with a tranquility fragrance that aids a peaceful slumber


This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir £25 available here

Spray this Elixir directly on to hair before bed to restore and hydrate and most importantly to promote better sleep from the unique fragrance that masks your hair.


Westlab Magnesium flakes £8.99 available here

I don’t have a bath without magnesium flakes. The levels of magnesium increases in your body to reduce anxiety and aching muscles and then in turn leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and ready for a peaceful sleep.


Slip Silk pillowcase £85 available here

This may seem like an extravagance at that price but if you think about cost per use, it may be worth it. The silk allows skin to breathe and reduces pressure on creased skin. It allows skin to retain moisture which in turn is anti-ageing and helps hair to become less tangled. As a natural temperature regulator, it also promotes a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep.


Neals Yard Night Time blend £8.50 available here

A few drops of this organic blend of botanical essential oils in a diffuser will diffuse a busy whirring mind to promote calm and tranquility. Lavender and Bergamot will help to send you off in to a deep and calm sleep.


Kiki Health Magnesium Oil £12.50 available here

I spray this on my arms, shoulders and legs for fast absorption to calm muscles and prepare my body for a deep sleep

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